Why do Canadians feel at home in Hawaii?

17 06 2010

Thanks to friend Penny for bringing this video to my attention. It’s fun to watch, and also rings true.

Why is Canada so different from the US mainland? Why do Hawaii residents smile when they talk about Canadian tourists? Why did I have a childhood fantasy that Hawaii would become the 11th province of Canada? Why am I not the only product of an idyllic Canadian childhood to have had this fantasy about Hawaii?

Now you know!

Like Hawaii, Canada is multicultural.. cool… innovative. Like Hawaii, Canada has more than one official language.

Like Hawaii, Canada is water oriented and canoe obsessed.

Like Hawaii, Canada is proud of her quirks.

As in Canada, so in Hawaii: you need an open mind to belong.

Mahalo, Gunnarolla, for showing us why those Canucks wear the Maple Leaf on their backpacks.

P.S. In the Hawaii I know, this video would not have been necessary.

Aloha Nui Loa! Salut, Camarades!




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